Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two happy hearts!

So many things about Valentines Day are irresistable. The pastel colors of the candy 'message' hearts, the shiney heart shaped boxes of chocolates, the BIG bouquets of flowers in the markets, the boxes of character themed valentines for kids to choose from to give out in class...all intended for us to share with loved ones and even those that are just friends. It is a fun holiday for all ages.

Vintage valentines are among my favorites to display, I have one that I gave my dad when I was about 3rd grade...signed "Amanda". It is one of my favorite personal treasures...I love the thought that he held it in his hands...and that I ended up with it to cherish forever.

Another of my treasures is this sweet pair of 'Annalee' dolls:

Do you think he is proclaiming his love to her???!!!

Happy Hearts Week!

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