Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmastime is here….

…a line from a song one of my favorite movies, ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’.

While we put the finishing touches on the holidays…take time to remember the reason for the season…hold your loved ones close, and cherish your time together. 

A few photos of the Hadster over the years with his buddy “Santa Bob”…

hhp and santa 2

had and santa bob mementos

had and santa bob mementos 2

May he always believe!!!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things…

…the holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy things that bring us joy, and reflect on favorite memories.  Things like a shelf of vintage collectibles, an ornament on a tree, or a skating Santa and Mrs. Claus take us back to a simpler time…

My grandmother had an assortment of ‘spaghetti’ Santas and angels.  As I got older I found great delight in collecting some of my own…


This happy skating couple (I adore Annalees) takes me back to the days of my childhood…


Hubsters favorite things include a tree with nothing but Coke Ornaments on it…this little treasure chest is delightful! I remember that tray from when I was young and he loves the tiny vintage bottles, the old-fashioned radio and the kite.


Holiday touches everywhere in our home…even the top of the fridge gets a tiny vingnette of tasty treats.


Enjoying a cookie party with dear friends…and the most amazing cookies ever.  A tradition started by my mom and her friends more than 50 years ago.


A visit to my favorite shop…  ’Antiques and Things’ in Pacheco (CA) always has the perfect blend of prim, country and holiday decor in one lovely place!


And last but not least…what I do.  A recent holiday boutique with a festive table of vintage and country inspired seasonal crafts by Mementos.


Happy holidays…best wishes for an enjoyable season with family and friends making your own memories!

Mandi & family

Friday, November 18, 2011

Make Room for the holidays!

If there is one thing we do well at Room With a Past, it is the holidays!  The shop is packed to the chandelier laden ceiling with the most amazing holiday décor, gifts and furnishings.  Around every corner there is something special to see…


There is room…






After room…



After ROOM





Of beautiful holiday color, everywhere you look!  There really is something for everyone on your shopping list, and fabulous home décor too!

See you at the ROOM!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A little holiday break…

(I wish!)  While my head and hands are busy creating for holiday shows and Room With a Past openings, my heart is here:

Royal Hawaiian

I took this picture in May of 1987, just a few days before I moved back to the mainland from Hawaii.  I’m lucky to say I lived there, in paradise, for four wonderful years.  I studied Hawaiian History (ok, accounting too!) at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, and worked at KITV, the ABC ‘affiliate’ in Honolulu.  Fab.U.Las!  Most amazing experience ever!!! 

Hawaii is one of those places that, once you have been there, you’ll never forget it.  It stays with you.  It’s in my heart and on my mind all the time.  Living there gave me such joy, and I took so much away with me…in memories, and knowledge, and a love for the people and the culture there.  I still listen to Hawaiian music frequently, and think of the islands often.  It’s my ‘go to’ happy place when I need to escape from life for a little while!  Just a few notes of a favorite Hawaiian tune and I’m laying on the beach…in the warm sun…listening to the waves.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

In full swing of fall!

The countdown is on!  Mementos does holidays in a BIG way this time of year!  Several fall shows (not to mention the Room With A Past openings!) down, and the biggest one of the year next week.  The Country Collective at the Alamo (CA) Women’s Club is one you do NOT want to miss!  Showtime is Thursday night October 20th through Saturday the 22nd at 3pm.  All handcrafted holiday gifts and décor for every taste.  As if that isn’t enough, the gals in the kitchen spend 3 days making homemade pies, they bake them there during the show.  YUM-O!!!

A hint of the Mementos halloween table…




Spooky stuff!  More soon, back the the dungeon to get more done!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Come Sit For a Spell…



But don’t sit too long…there is a lot more to see!  The Room With a Past OUTDOOR sale was this weekend, wow was there a lot of great stuff to buy!  Some really amazing furniture bargains, home décor and holiday items too.  The chair you see was one of the first things to FLY out the door – it was gone as soon as we opened!  A little more of my stuff



Oh and that adorable little white chair with the sheet music fabric on it?  GONE TOO!  In the first hour!  On to a new home to be enjoyed…

Have a great week!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

It’s FALL Y’all!!!

Mementos celebrates fall at Room With A Past!!!  ‘The Room’ is open this weekend.  Stop in and feast your eyes on the fabulous fall décor, furnishings and gifts…you will be amazed and delighted at all that is fall!!!  Shop to your hearts content indoors…and you do NOT want to miss the Outdoor Sale!!! Saturday and Sunday 9-4…see you there!!!





Happy Fall!!!


Friday, September 9, 2011

A ‘Frightful Fete’!

Join us Sunday September 11th at the Blue Door in beautiful Livermore (CA!) for a special gathering of artists and antique dealers!  Click on the photo below for more info…

Mask top hat2

See you there!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Destination Danville!

The annual Heartland Danville Antiques and Art Faire is tomorrow…a Mementos tradition for Labor Day. Nestled among the trees in beautiful downtown Danville, it is always a treat.  Amazing artists, antique dealers and entertainment make for an enjoyable day.  And food – the FOOD!!!  The restaurants in the area are wonderful!!!
danville show
Mementos celebrates FALL and HALLOWEEN at this show…time to get out the pumpkins and gourds, ghosts and goblins, and burlap!  Gotta have burlap for your fall decorating!!!
Happy Fall Y’all!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Next stop…Paris!!!

Mementos is travelling all the way to France this month!  Well almost.  We are doing a travel theme at Room With a Past.  My space is stuffed with all kinds of fabulous items for home décor and gift giving.

Some of what you’ll find…

A FABULOUS window. “Paris Marche Aux Puces…Jewelry, Feathers, Flowers”… (a one-of-a-kind custom piece by Mementos!  This vintage window is B.I.G.)


Hats and lamps, journals and tags, beautiful glassware, a SPECTACULAR 3 globe hanging lamp, canvas shopping bags, baskets and more!



Burlap wreaths, wire baskets, perfume bottles, a vintage serving tray, framed art…


A little of everything, just like a Parisian flea market!!!  And of course, there has to be at least one of these:


My favorite lettered sign - ”Keep Calm and Carry On”…which can, by the way, be custom made to any size you want!  Really!  Email me for info…

Stop by this weekend and see what other travel treasures you can find at the Room. Click the logo below for more information…you’ll be so glad you did!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ahoy, Matey!

Room With A Past was open this weekend the place was packed full-to-the-brim with amazing treasures!  This fun fellow and his treasure chest of fabulous finds met customers at the door…


…and there was more shopping than a land-lubbing, vintage-loving shopper could wrap their hands around at every.  single. turn.












I can safely say that if you did NOT get into the ROOM this weekend, many of these treasures are GONE!  But rest assured…the August opening will be just as spectacular.

Life’s a BEACH – find one and enjoy it today!