Saturday, October 15, 2011

In full swing of fall!

The countdown is on!  Mementos does holidays in a BIG way this time of year!  Several fall shows (not to mention the Room With A Past openings!) down, and the biggest one of the year next week.  The Country Collective at the Alamo (CA) Women’s Club is one you do NOT want to miss!  Showtime is Thursday night October 20th through Saturday the 22nd at 3pm.  All handcrafted holiday gifts and d├ęcor for every taste.  As if that isn’t enough, the gals in the kitchen spend 3 days making homemade pies, they bake them there during the show.  YUM-O!!!

A hint of the Mementos halloween table…




Spooky stuff!  More soon, back the the dungeon to get more done!