Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmastime is here….

…a line from a song one of my favorite movies, ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’.

While we put the finishing touches on the holidays…take time to remember the reason for the season…hold your loved ones close, and cherish your time together. 

A few photos of the Hadster over the years with his buddy “Santa Bob”…

hhp and santa 2

had and santa bob mementos

had and santa bob mementos 2

May he always believe!!!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things…

…the holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy things that bring us joy, and reflect on favorite memories.  Things like a shelf of vintage collectibles, an ornament on a tree, or a skating Santa and Mrs. Claus take us back to a simpler time…

My grandmother had an assortment of ‘spaghetti’ Santas and angels.  As I got older I found great delight in collecting some of my own…


This happy skating couple (I adore Annalees) takes me back to the days of my childhood…


Hubsters favorite things include a tree with nothing but Coke Ornaments on it…this little treasure chest is delightful! I remember that tray from when I was young and he loves the tiny vintage bottles, the old-fashioned radio and the kite.


Holiday touches everywhere in our home…even the top of the fridge gets a tiny vingnette of tasty treats.


Enjoying a cookie party with dear friends…and the most amazing cookies ever.  A tradition started by my mom and her friends more than 50 years ago.


A visit to my favorite shop…  ’Antiques and Things’ in Pacheco (CA) always has the perfect blend of prim, country and holiday decor in one lovely place!


And last but not least…what I do.  A recent holiday boutique with a festive table of vintage and country inspired seasonal crafts by Mementos.


Happy holidays…best wishes for an enjoyable season with family and friends making your own memories!

Mandi & family