Monday, June 28, 2010

Room With A Past was Fabulous!!!

The “Room” was bursting at the seams this past weekend with some of the most amazing finds we’ve ever found!  The shop was packed to the rafters with everything you can think of:

Vintage decor



Paris apartment


clothing and jewelry




shabby and cottage







…and lots of great Red, White and Blue for last minute holiday decorating.



 The Roomies worked their pretty little vintage aprons off in June to make it a shoppers paradise.  And SHOP they did!  Check out the outdoor FLEA MARKET!!!






There was something for everyone!!!

It was so much fun to watch our customers as they carried their new-found treasures to their cars, happy that they got something special for a really great price. 

That’s the Roomie way.  We find it, spiff it up, bring it in, put a great price on it, and then watch it go right back out again.  We love it, and we love our customers too! From the busy weekend we had, it appears they feel the same way!

The next RWAP opening is July 15th – 18th. For more info on Room With a Past, stop by the WEBSITE

Have a great 4th!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let the summer begin!!!

Mementos LOVES holidays and we’re celebrating the FOURTH with a Red, White and Blue BANG at this months Room With A Past opening!!!  See???!!!


DSCN3022  DSCN3014


The ROOM is open Thursday through Sunday, stop by their website for hours and maps. 

The HIGHLIGHT of this months opening is the OUTDOOR SALE and it will be one you will not want to miss!  A shoppers paradise!!!  I’ll be there all day Saturday, please stop in to say hello and do some shopping!

Here’s to a FUN Summer!!!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mementos Makes Memories…

Let the summer parties begin!  Personalization is key these days for taking the average party or event and making it super-special.  How about icy cold water bottles with your picture or logo on them?  Add some mini-chocolates and ‘kisses’, a few luggage tags, and you’ve got quite the party theme going!

For that office bbq  you could try an array of sweet treats, all customized with your logo or theme.  Shown below, chocolate bars, mints, mini chocolates and other yummy treats!

How about a GRAND celebration for someone special?  A retirement deserves something SPECTACULAR!!!

Everyone loves a great party, Mementos can help put it over the top!!!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Let’s Flea…

To the Paris Flea Market of course!

Open the first weekend of June for a limited engagement (aka the monthly 4-day opening).  Stop by their website, or better yet, become a fellow FLEA by hopping over to their BLOG

Paris Fleas

Some of the fabulous Parisian finds you’ll see in my space



And of course (even at the Paris Flea Market!) a bit of holiday too:


The Fleas have worked their apron-wearing magic again this month…PFM is shopping extroidinairre – you will LOVE what you find!

Happy Flea-ing!