Friday, April 29, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beautiful color!!!



Dogwood.  PINK Dogwood!  On the hunt for one for my yard!  Found in Colfax, CA…on our quest to find lots of little antique shops on the way home from Tahoe.  GORGEOUS weather, snow on the way up, and one night.  Saw THIS on the way home -




Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Forward!!!

I know, I know…we did that a few weeks ago.  I mean spring changes to MEMENTOS!!!  Lots of new ideas going on here at the design studio…can’t wait to share them with you!  I downsized to one shop (Paris Flea Market was oooohhhh sooooo hard to leave!!!) so that I can spend more time on what I love the most…family, friends, Room With A Past, and other fun things too!  I’m taking a few days off…time in Tahoe will clear my mind and get the creative juices going so I can get a fresh start next week.

See you in a few days, in the meantime, Have a Happy Easter!

Easter postcard

Friday, April 15, 2011

Royal treatment…for the birds!

Two themes this month at the Room!   Mementos is still celebrating the Royal Wedding at the end of the month… 


and lots…and I mean LOTS of nests, birds and butterflies have landed in our space!  Spring has sprung!  Word of the month is NEST – celebrated with a new BANNER KIT by Mementos, and lots of beautiful butterflies and birds! 



Watch for FURNITURE and other new (ok, not so new, but new to the space!) home d├ęcor at the May opening!

Happy Spring!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Paris Flea Market!!!

A ROYAL CELEBRATION is taking place at the Flea!!! Mementos has golden crowns, banner kits (see the banner at the top?!), Keep Calm and Carry On prints, and cards and tags for that special occasion, embellished with beautiful vintage wedding photos…



The crown theme carries on down the hallway…Debi always has lovely assortment of them!


Spring has sprung all over the shop in Easter Basket pastels!!!



Lots of birds have sprung up in Sharon’s spot!


And Paris Apartment decorating, of course! Ooohhh La Laaa!


Just one more day to shop before the Flea is closed for the month…Sunday 10-4, see you there!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome to Mementos!!!

Modern technology, oye!  Photos for the Mementos designs blog for the last two PLUS years are out in webland somewhere…they disappeared!!!  We’ll track them down…suffice it to say trying a new ‘photo storage service’ is not always a good idea.  Until the photos can be hooked back up…we’ll just keep being creative!

One of the fabulous new projects Mementos is working on is for the Royal Wedding – these beautiful items and more will be at the Paris Flea Market this weekend.  Stop in and SHOP, you will be glad you did!


Room With a Past is open next weekend, and SPRING is in the air! Mementos designs include a FAB lamp and beautiful vintage garden images in frames, on candles and more!


Last but not least, Mementos designed a special gift for an Eagle Scout in Had’s troop…

Eagle gifts Sean

What are YOU doing to celebrate Spring?!  Whatever it is…enjoy!!!