Friday, February 19, 2010

A shoppers heaven..

Room With A Past is open this weekend!  We are celebrating February with ‘Love is in the air’ as our monthly theme, and you will LOVE everything there.

Mementos has a vintage palette these days…a refreshing change from the reds and greens of the holidays.


Vintage sheet music and sewing collectibles…


Keep Calm and Carry on…and a touch of blacks and florals…


And St. Patricks Day, of course!


It will be a great weekend for shopping, come see us…you will be so glad you did!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentines kids in tree

I hope you have a song in your heart, and love on your mind!

Happy Hearts Day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

What do you think she’d say???

This is my great-great-grandmother, on her farm in Woodriver Ilinois, circa probably the early 40’s. 


She lived alone in a wonderful old farmhouse on the outskirts of town.  My mom remembers riding her bike ‘way out to great-grandmothers place’ as a girl.  g.g.grandma made her own apple butter, was an amazing cook, and could wring a chickens neck and have it in the frying pan before you could wash up for dinner.  One time they couldn’t find her…called her name and could hear her calling back…they finally spotted her on the ROOF hanging shingles!

If she were alive today, I suppose she wouldn’t have much use for  modern conveniences, probably preferring, a well-stocked kitchen, and her own tools to all of our electronics and things.   And I’m sure she never dreamed that someday her great-great-granddaughter would share this picture of her that the whole world could see with the touch of  a button.

Can you imagine what my great-great-granddaughter will be doing?!  How primitive what I do today will be to her?!  I can only hope that I leave something of my own behind…a photo or other memento…that she would want to share with others.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Places to go…people to see..things to do…

Wow, where did January GO?!  The last two weeks of it flew by.  I went to CHA and words can’t describe how much fun it was!  Not many pics though…I was having such a grand time I forgot to take them!  One of the highlights was the Fiskateers Garden Party, we got to make all kinds of fun garden-themed crafts designed by the most adorable group of gals in ORANGE!  By the end of the party I was SURE I wanted to be a Fiskateer too, and am proud to say I am Fiskateer #6905!

The girls worked hard to make us each a 'seed packet’ with a craft in it (check out those adorable seed packets, they put their pictures on them…right up my alley!) We sat down to this:

table 2

All I could think was (well two thoughts actually) ‘this will be FUN’, and ‘for ME???!!!’.  We got to keep everything you see, and made some cute floral crafts with them.  Pics to follow if I can find another Fiskateer that has posted them!

We had so much Fiska-Fun, check out the girls – the 5 trainers are in the front row – I’m having scissor-envy over the large pairs they have, and those babies actually work! I’m in the back row, center.  I must have just taken off my orange headband!

group pic cha 10

Other January events included my ‘big job’ of the year, badges and certificates for LEAD, the local Scout Council annual training event, a Room With A Past opening and ok so I have to admit…with everything going on, it looked like Christmas Day around here until the last week of January. 

Here’s to a fun February!