Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mementos is having a Give Away!!!

We’ve joined Facebook!  In celebration, Mementos will do a drawing at the end of October for our “fans”.  Become a fan on our Facebook page OR blog and be entered to win a CUSTOM celebration package!  The winner will receive 20 chocolate bar wrappers, 20 water bottle labels and their choice of one other ‘favor’ from our line.  AND – you can add your photo, logo or party theme to them!   Some ideas here…


And here…


Stop by our Facebook link (in the right hand column) to see more custom items by Mementos!

See you on 'Facebook!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

I believe in Miracles!

I’m thrilled to hear the news that Jaycee Lee Dugard has been found!  Jaycee disappeared in 1991 (at age 11) from in front of her home in Lake Tahoe.  I went to school with Jaycees mom Terry, and have known the family since elementary school.  When I saw Terry last, we shared our hope that Jaycee would be found alive…thank God that day is here.

My family and I are celebrating today that Jaycee has been re-united with her family.  We have fond memories of knowing the Dugards and growing up with them.  Our hopes and prayers are with them as they unite as a family and that time will heal them all.   

An amazing miracle indeed!  Oh, the PINK TEXT is in honor of Terry, the news showed a photo of her tying pink ribbons on a tree in front of their home in ‘91…her prayers have finally been answered.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Movin’ on…

Out with the old…in with the new…a new Blog Banner that is! I love all the fun things you can do on Scrapblog. If you are looking to freshen up your banner, or just want to kill time spend some time being creative (would you be blogging if you didn’t?!) check it out!

As much fun as that was, it is time to get to work on my next project, a space at the Danville Antiques and Art Faire on Labor Day (Monday, September 7th). Stop by the Cottage Jewel website for more info.

A hint of what I’m working on for the show:

And joining in on the spooktacular event will be Sue (owner of Weekends at the Cottage…we sure miss that shop!) sharing some of her amazing finds and creations!1390498822_82d758df1e_b[1]

Make plans now to hit the hottest show of the summer.

Time to get the ghouls out…wahhhhahahaha…



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flea Market Style – First the BLOG…

And then a MAGAZINE in 2010, what more could we ask for?!  Isn’t this cover just to-die-for?!!!  

Imagine Matthew Mead (of Matthew Mead Style, of course!), Ki Nassauer (Junk Bonanza, Junk Revolution and all around JUNK QUEEN!!!) and Linda McDonald (Re-Styled Home blog – you HAVE read it, right?!!!)  and from what I’ve read in blogland a number of really amazing contributors…all under one cover! 

Oh how wonderful it will be!  While we wait patiently (or NOT so patiently in my case!) for the magazine to hit the stands the BLOG will keep us up on what is in, what is stylish and what is WONDERFUL about our ‘flea market’ world!

Fellow ‘Roomies’ (you know who you are!!!!), click on over to Flea Market Style get acquainted, you’ll be so glad you did!!!

In the FLEA spirit,


Saturday, August 15, 2009

No Lion!

Recent designs by Mementos include the logo of  Bay Area artist Kimberlee Edgar.  It came to life like this:


Isn’t he AWESOME??!!!  Incredible lion, amazing color, and a pleasure to work with his owner, Kimberlee.  Her work can be found at Edgar and Edgar.  Make plans now to see her, and other amazing artists at “Halloween and Vine”  September 26th in Petaluma, it will be FRIGHTFULLY FANTASTIC!!!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Make ROOM!

Time for the monthly opening of Room With A Past!!!  There are so many beautiful things to choose from this month, I don’t know  how out customers will know what to buy first!  I was inspired by my trip the the northwest to go in a different direction…burlap, wrought iron, vintage sheet music (I adore vintage sheet music!!!)…fleur de lis…lots of new things to buy to freshen up your home decor. 



Love the burlap seat, and the white urn with moss!


Several new lamps:


And did I mention SHEET MUSIC?! Look: IMG_5014

Something for everyone, and this month ALOT of our inventory is on sale!!!  Check out the RED prices on hundreds of items throughout the shop.

Happy shopping my friends!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thoroughly Modern??!!!

OK so as much as I love new fangled equipment (see previous post!), I love my sewing machine even more.  Check this baby OUT!



No fancy stuff here.  This is a Singer 301 ‘Featherweight’ (ha!  It weighs 16 pounds!) and was my Grandma Willoughby’s sewing machine.  It was made in the 1950s and has TWO stitches, front and back…which is all I needed to fix Hadleys favorite blanket (made by our dear friend Dianne D 10 years ago for his baby shower!).

I love, love, LOVE to sew…but alas…many other crafts have taken me away from it.  There was a day when I’d make my prom dresses.  A friend from high school reminded me last weekend that when I wanted a new outfit back then (we’re talkin’ the 70s folks!), I’d MAKE it!  Ahhh those were the days.   Did I mention I love to sew???!!!

On to other things…I hear a can of black paint calling my name…time to get to work for the shop (Room With A Past) – we are open this next weekend!


Oh Brother!

There’s a new guy in town…and he’s here to work hard!  If you know me, you know I print things.  I print ALOT of things.  And when you do what I do…well you need an amazing partner to make what you do the best it can be.  He isn’t very pretty but he’ll get the job done.   Introducing:


My new color laser printer!!!  Wait’ll you see what he can do!  The print quality is amazing.  And I’m hard to impress! 

Ok, enough of the Brother/he thing, I’m going to give him a girly name…and start calling him sister.   Any ideas?!

Have a COLORFUL weekend!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Time to get away…

There are times when we just need to re-charge.  We go about life staying busy, getting things done, that auto-pilot thing that we all get into that makes each day move forward with a full schedule who-knows-what that passes the time so quickly.

I find life as I know it invigorating, exciting and fulfilling...I love what I do.  Being a Mom, Wife, owning my own business, having family and friends I love…I like to say ‘it’s what I do’ and I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything.  But once in awhile I need to re-charge and this past weekend was IT for ‘09!  I did it like this:

On Friday we celebrated my moms 75th birthday with family at Megs:


I gave her a bag ‘o chocolates, with her favorite images:


And a card from Hadley, she LOVED it!


Saturday was spent getting ready for, and then celebrating my dear friend Micheles 50th.  She rides a Harley so I did these in honor of her big day:


And I was a surprize guest at the party, how exciting to remember a special time in our lives with a song that we stayed up ALL NIGHT trying to remember the name of  (back in the 70’s!).  She looks amazing at 50 – that is her on the right.  Hi Missy!


I mentioned in a previous post my Saturday visit to Paris to the Moon…a girl can never have too much of a wonderful thing so here it is again:


Well that would all have been enough to keep this gal goin’ for another year…until next summer when I’ll get away again.  But there was one more adventure in store…several miles out to sea with the two people who do more for my soul than they’ll ever know…we found a super pod (there were several hundred) of dolphins out on the ocean and spent several hours with them.


Breathtaking.  Amazing.  Thrilling.  Awe-inspiring.  An incredibly powerful moment in time…right up there with seeing Haleys Comet on Haleakala in the 80’s.  One of those things I will never forget.

Weekends come and weekends go.  All too fast…but this one will go down as the one that took me back to my roots, re-energized me and reminded me of why I love being me.  At the end of the weekend Herb and Hadley picked me up (of course I flew!), and after all I’d done…I was sooo happy to be home with them…and share my adventures.  You see, while I love getting away (‘recharging’), I love even more coming home to them. 

Life is good and we are so fortunate to have people we love that we can share it with…we can get caught up in the hum of every-day life.  It’s weekends like these that keep things fresh and exciting.

I hope you find your place to get away, whether it is out on the ocean, a celebration, or a bubble bath…time for YOU is what is important.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Saturday in ‘Paris’

Pure eye candy.  There is no other way to describe Paris to the Moon.  Nestled in a little neighborhood in Costa Mesa, the windows  greet you with a festive theme that Proprietor Darren has pulled out of his magic bag of tricks.  The pink flamingos on the front yard give a hint at the whimsy that lies within.

Yummy pastels celebrate the feminine ‘Marie’ theme


The sweetness of cupcake toppers (scored by Darren on a shopping trip to an ‘old cupcake shop'!) made into fun jewelry.


Ohhhh La La, a feast of Parisian delights! 


Beautiful bridal items…


A splash of primary colors in the ‘gnome’ department…


Brilliant color and displays await you at every turn


…and it gets a little dark in the back of the shop…


Whatever your style, you are sure to find something you love at Paris to the Moon, stop in soon!