Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flea Market Style – First the BLOG…

And then a MAGAZINE in 2010, what more could we ask for?!  Isn’t this cover just to-die-for?!!!  

Imagine Matthew Mead (of Matthew Mead Style, of course!), Ki Nassauer (Junk Bonanza, Junk Revolution and all around JUNK QUEEN!!!) and Linda McDonald (Re-Styled Home blog – you HAVE read it, right?!!!)  and from what I’ve read in blogland a number of really amazing contributors…all under one cover! 

Oh how wonderful it will be!  While we wait patiently (or NOT so patiently in my case!) for the magazine to hit the stands the BLOG will keep us up on what is in, what is stylish and what is WONDERFUL about our ‘flea market’ world!

Fellow ‘Roomies’ (you know who you are!!!!), click on over to Flea Market Style get acquainted, you’ll be so glad you did!!!

In the FLEA spirit,


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Susie's country cottage said...

Hi Mandi
Thanks for the link to Flea Market Style. It looks really interesting. I'm pretty sure we dont get a magazine like that in the UK so I will be checking out their blog from time to time.
Susie X