Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Star...

This was an exciting week at our house! Hadley was 'Star Student' in his class. Each day he got to share things about himself with his classmates. He told them about having lunch with an astronaut last April, and about Apollo landed at 'Mount Hadley' on the moon. He got braces on Wednesday so he did 'show and tell' about them, and took chocolate chip cookies for all to end the week, mmmm!

Each year we celebrate his week as 'Star Student' by making something for the kids to take home with them. This year he took back pack tags:

He enjoyed being a Star for a week, he is a STAR in my eyes and heart every day!

Designs by Mementos make their way into all kinds of everyday things we do. From making back pack tags and water bottles for Hadleys classroom and friends, to taking personalized chocolates to a Scout or Jaycee event, to a shower gift and favors...we like to celebrate any way we can, any time we can!

Have a wonderful week!

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Sue said...

Great post, and way to go Hadley! I just love little kids, it keeps life in balance, don't you think?
Take care,