Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Love Color!

My taste in decorating has changed over the years…evolved from 80s Country (think red and blue, gingham and hearts) to Cottage white washed furniture and BIG cabbage roses.  One thing that has never changed is my passion for COLOR!  I love the ‘Shabby Chic’ look of a pale palette, but it just isn’t me.   And I adore the Paris Apartment look of black, white and gold, and the ‘all white and cream’ look that is in now…but it’s not me either. I need COLOR!  Lots of it.  Reds, yellows, greens…in all shades.  I’m even loving orange right now!

I’ve been going through photos of my space at Room With a Past from the last 5 years, it looks like my love for color was obvious there too!

RWAP 001

The photo above was my first month at ‘The Room’ in April of 2006.  This picture just makes me HAPPY.  Those amazing cabinets flew out the door, oh how I hated to see them go!

RWAP 019

Lots of pastels in the Spring of 2007 (above!). I get a kick out of bringing ‘imports’ in to the shop!  That white cabinet on the right was imported from Orange, CA.  lol


More color!  Summer 2009, love the red and yellow ‘barn stars’ (up high) and the red, white and blue of the flag and 4th of July dĂ©cor, and the mint/sage greens.


Dramatic colors here – red and black for Valentine’s Day 2010!!!  I designed the ‘LOVE’ banner that hangs across the front…one of an ever-growing series of banner ‘kits’ I do that have become popular….and all are quite colorful.


The faded color of Vintage sheet music has to be one of my all-time favorite things to work with. It is  on the bulletin board in the background, in the oval frame on the right, and it is decoupaged to the bottom of the tray on the chair.  “Keep Calm and Carry On” has been a popular theme for several years now.  You can find it framed, on note cards, pillows, on tags and lots of other places in my space…in all kinds of great colors.


Is burlap a color?!  It should be, LOVE it!  Have used it for years in my own decorating and add it to pillows, water bottle bags (top shelf, above) and make garlands from it.  So versatile (and yes, quite messy!).


Which brings us to 2011 and a pretty pale space above from this spring!  I don’t plan it so much as it just evolves around what I’ve recently gathered.  Sometimes I’m drawn to whites/creams/burlap/sheet music, other times it is lots of color like this months gathering for the start of summer:


What’s YOUR favorite color?! 



Jan Ely said...

Thanks for the trip back in time! I always love to see your ever-evolving spot every month!

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

My tastes have changed too! I can especially see that in my creative space which is constantly changing. Right now I'm into creams and rust!

Can't wait until Saturday!!