Monday, March 14, 2011

Family time…

It’s been a busy time of year!  The Hadster is finishing up his last year of Cub Scouts and we’ve had some pretty important events to attend to:

A night of Scouts and Survivor ‘Yao Man Chan’ – great fun hearing his tales of surviving Survivor!


And the annual making of the cake-for-auction, a s’more cake, made with REAL marshmallows (toasted just right on top!) and chocolate bars…


And receiving his ‘Arrow of Light’ at the annual Pack ‘Blue and Gold’ dinner…The stripes on the arrow signify his achievements in Cub Scouts, each set of stripes a rank or award.  He is the only boy to have TWO purple stripes, signifying the Religious Emblem classes he took.

hhp aol


And then of course, the annual Pinewood Derby!  He ‘ran’ a car he made several years ago…it won best of show back then…rolled in at the back of the pack of 4 cars this year but was fun nonetheless! 

hhp web ii derby

On to his new Troop and many more exciting adventures!

As for me…I’m having fun with bird nests, burlap pillows, vintage bird and egg prints, and some really fabulous sheet music printed fabric upholstered chairs!!!  Room With a Past is open this weekend…don’t miss it!!!


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