Monday, September 27, 2010

A confession, and a winner!

I have a confession!  I’m hooked on, addicted to, have to use METHOD products!  About 10 years ago I went on the hunt for the best ‘natural’ (no dyes, fragrances etc) products available.    Back then there were not many choices, and most were expensive.  Now they are everywhere and REALLY AFFORDABLE! I’ve tried many brands, Method has me hooked for life!

One of my other ‘loves’ is Danny Seo.  He is the go-to guy for everything ECO-FRIENDLY and has the most amazing blog called ‘Daily Danny’'.  Stop in to see it at: www.dailydanny.comYou’ll learn a lot about re-using, re-cycling and making your world a safer place to be.  I’ve been a reader since 2006 and have learned so much about eco-friendly living!

I’m going on about this because Danny has amazing contests and I WON one of them!  Not only did I win, but I won METHOD products!!!

Let the cleaning begin!!!

I took a week off from all things Mementos to re-group, get the studio re-organized (with an amazing find from Room With A Past!) and then it’s time for Halloween!  Holiday shows are just around the corner!

Have a great week!


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