Monday, August 16, 2010


Or what is left of it!  We took a quick ‘road trip’ to Anaheim to see family and have a last bit of fun before…well you know…summer ends.  We got alot in!

The Orange County Fair - farm animals, LOVE ‘EM!


Rides – RODE ‘EM, even the really tall ones!


 We celebrated my moms birthday at our favorite Mexican restaurant – Mi Casa!!! 


And then…Knott’s Berry Farm (bet you thought I’d say Disneyland?!)!  It’s not my Grandmother’s Knott’s Berry Farm, she used to love going there in the 60s and 70’.  They put an amusement park in around the Ghost Town, but it still has a lot of the old Knott’s nostalgia I remember…

SAM_0057 \

Yes, that is The Hadster on the right…ready to launch wayyyy up high – NOT my favorite place for him to be but he LOVED IT and went four times (in a ROW!).  We rode the train after that!


No trip to Knott’s would be complete without tossing a few coins (make a wish first!) into the fountain in front of Mrs. Knotts bakery!  It was one of my favorite things to do as a little girl.


And I remember sitting here for pictures when I was a little girl…


And of course…I had to go SHOPPING!  No pictures, but a visit to Country Roads in Orange is a MUST on every visit.  Stop by The Country Roads blog, you will be inspired!

On to the rest of summer…


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