Friday, March 5, 2010

A Fabulous Announcement!!!

Who are these ladies:


And why are they so happy?!

Meet my fellow ‘Roomies’, the amazing women from Room With a Past in Walnut Creek.  We are always this happy, especially on Thursday night openings!  RWAP is open the third (usually!) weekend of each month, starting Thursday evening (see the RWAP website for dates and times of openings).  It is the most AMAZING shopping in the bay area, if you have not tried it…you MUST!  You’ll be hooked the moment you step in the door.

As if this bunch of giddy gals wasn’t happy enough, RWAP owner Susan announced recently that the RWAP family is growing and she is opening another fabulous shop!!!

Learn more about  Paris Flea Market  on the Roomie Blog.

If you think RWAP is spectacular, wait ‘til you see Paris Flea Market in Livermore, you won’t believe your eyes!  Brace yourselves people…you are in for a shopping treat.

PFM will open in May…I’ll keep you posted here!

Have a wonderful weekend!


(Photo credit: The Roomie Blog)

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Unknown said...

i met one of your Roomies at the alameda flea market a few weeks ago!

small world!
thanks for stopping by!