Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Isn’t she lovely…


And she can be found in my space…



At Room With A Past this weekend!! 

More ‘news’ in my space…CUPCAKE HOLDERS!!!  In fun Valentines Day Prints!!!  Lots and lots of Valentines Day Vintage postcard tags too.  And take a peek at the LOVE Banner Kit hung in the photo above – it is lovely in person, photos do not do it justice.  The other banner kits by Mementos (“Vintage”, “Halloween”, “Believe” and The “Advent Calendar”) were so popular that we just had to design one for Valentines Day too!


And some fabulous vintage images and sheet music on clipboards, and vintage rose plates that are just yummy.


The ‘Room’ has made an incredible transformation out of the winter holidays and into the new year!  Beautiful pastels in everything from candles to chairs, to furniture, home decor and accessories, and even in vintage clothing!

Stop by this weekend, a visit to the Room will be a welcome breath of fresh air after a rain-filled week!

See you at the Room!

Mandi (fresh pictures will be added soon…H’s new camera and I are still getting acquainted!)


Cassandra said...

Such adorable things! Beautiful! :) Cassandra

ImagiMeri said...

I'm definately gonna' have to hit you folks up next time I'm in the Bay area. I've been out there three times in the past year, and didn't hear anything about you. I'm just now catching up with my blog followers, as it's been a very busy year for me, and now I know all about

God Bless,

Jan Ely said...

Your spot looked AMAZING for the January opening! I loved all the paper items! The silhouette was my fav!