Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Betsy McCall Tag Along With Elizabeth and Friends

Elizabeth at Creative Breathing inspired Sandy at 521 Lake Street, myself and I’m sure many other gals that loved Betsy McCall to visit to The Blue Door   to find out what ‘our’ Betsy looked like, and take a month-by-month walk through our childhoods as we fondly remember the girl that came to our home every month.

I loved Betsy McCall when I was young!  McCalls Magazine had a page for her every month with a new story and new clothes…paper doll style.  I adored paper dolls!  Still do.   This is Betsy the month I was born…

I love her wardrobe!   And she looks a little like me in 4th grade.  I remember loving a red dress I had that was similar to the blue one at the top.  And I had my hair cut that year to about the same style.  And she has a small doggie, mine was named Missy! 

I have such fond memories of Betsy…and I’m sure her ever-expanding wardrobe of cute dresses (we couldn’t wear ‘pants’ to school until 6th grade!) inspired me to pursue my passion of sewing…I love to sew and spent years making my own clothes. 

Looking back at the Blue Door,  Betsy was quite stylish and trendy too, I’m sure.  Thanks Elizabeth (and your Flickr friend that inspired you!) for inspiring us to take a look back at Betsy!



Unknown said...

Oh I remember those kind of dresses too! We were only allowed to wear pants to school under our dresses on bad bad snowy days...I didn't get to wear pants in school until a junior in high school. Lucky you! I still love paper dolls...check out this site!

Enough to make you faint! :)

Jessi Nagy said...

hey sweet girl,
thanks for all your support.
you are such a doll.