Monday, March 2, 2009

Goin' Green!

Spring is coming, you can feel it! Flowers are popping up everywhere, the fruit trees are blooming (achoo!) and gardens that were put down for the winter are rising out of hibernation even though our last frost is weeks away. Mother Nature has painted the most amazing palette of color outdoors. Heavy rains have freshened everything and warmer weather brings on the beginnings of the new season. Green is everywhere!

We're seeing green inside too. We celebrate the Irish in us all with St Patricks Day favorites that are stowed away the rest of the year, and come out in early March. Some are hand made (see the little leprechaun Hadley made?!) and some we bought. All are festive in color and spirit, and all remind us that greener days are ahead. Come on spring!

Welcome, March we are glad you are here so we can celebrate green!

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