Thursday, September 24, 2009


I was going through some old photos,  and came across this one that brings back fond memories.  It is from the early 1900’s and is of downtown Anaheim (CA) looking east up Lincoln Ave (formerly known as “Center Street”).  See the building on the right  with ‘SQR’ on the front?  I worked there in college in the late 70’s.  At the time they were tearing all of those beautiful old buildings down.  To say I loved working there is an understatement!!! I adored that place! 


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My only memory of SQR when I was young was shopping with my mom, Joanne, Melissa and Meg after an Anaheim ‘kiddie’ halloween parade.  I remember going UP in the fabulous OLD elevator to the top (3rd) floor.  There was a man in the elevator that you could tell what floor you were going to and he would push the button, and then hold the door for you when you got to your destination.  

Fast forward to 1978 when I worked there and that same elevator operator still worked at the store.  His name was George and he had worked there since he was a young man.  The elevator (and top floors) had been closed years before but George moved to the shoe department where he worked until the store was torn down in ‘78.  I learned alot from him about shoes, how they were made, what the best materials were, and even how to ‘stretch’ a new shoe that was too tight (if it is leather you spritz it with rubbing alcohol and then WEAR IT!!).

I have had a passion for fashion since I learned to sew in 7th grade in Miss Palmeris class at Fremont Junior High in Anaheim.  I still have my apron that I made in her class…that sewing project inspired me to become a seamstress and I spent hours making my clothes in high school.

So imagine the excitement when I worked at SQR with all the high fashion!  Well…by the late 70s the styles were fading but they did carry some of the top brands.  I loved putting outfits together for displays, and going down to the basement of SQR to retrieve a mannequin or two for a display!  The elevator didn’t work so we had to carry them up the stairs but what a fun job it was!  A trip to the upper floors was a little spooky, the old oak floors squeaked and the only light came from the windows…but it was still a grand old place.



Julie Harward said...

Thanks for stopping by, you are so kind. This post is full of wonderful memories, how wonderful for you to have experienced all that. Love your blog, come say hi anytime.

Protector of Vintage said...

What a lovely, well-written post.

P.S. Do you have an online shop?