Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Time to get away…

There are times when we just need to re-charge.  We go about life staying busy, getting things done, that auto-pilot thing that we all get into that makes each day move forward with a full schedule who-knows-what that passes the time so quickly.

I find life as I know it invigorating, exciting and fulfilling...I love what I do.  Being a Mom, Wife, owning my own business, having family and friends I love…I like to say ‘it’s what I do’ and I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything.  But once in awhile I need to re-charge and this past weekend was IT for ‘09!  I did it like this:

On Friday we celebrated my moms 75th birthday with family at Megs:


I gave her a bag ‘o chocolates, with her favorite images:


And a card from Hadley, she LOVED it!


Saturday was spent getting ready for, and then celebrating my dear friend Micheles 50th.  She rides a Harley so I did these in honor of her big day:


And I was a surprize guest at the party, how exciting to remember a special time in our lives with a song that we stayed up ALL NIGHT trying to remember the name of  (back in the 70’s!).  She looks amazing at 50 – that is her on the right.  Hi Missy!


I mentioned in a previous post my Saturday visit to Paris to the Moon…a girl can never have too much of a wonderful thing so here it is again:


Well that would all have been enough to keep this gal goin’ for another year…until next summer when I’ll get away again.  But there was one more adventure in store…several miles out to sea with the two people who do more for my soul than they’ll ever know…we found a super pod (there were several hundred) of dolphins out on the ocean and spent several hours with them.


Breathtaking.  Amazing.  Thrilling.  Awe-inspiring.  An incredibly powerful moment in time…right up there with seeing Haleys Comet on Haleakala in the 80’s.  One of those things I will never forget.

Weekends come and weekends go.  All too fast…but this one will go down as the one that took me back to my roots, re-energized me and reminded me of why I love being me.  At the end of the weekend Herb and Hadley picked me up (of course I flew!), and after all I’d done…I was sooo happy to be home with them…and share my adventures.  You see, while I love getting away (‘recharging’), I love even more coming home to them. 

Life is good and we are so fortunate to have people we love that we can share it with…we can get caught up in the hum of every-day life.  It’s weekends like these that keep things fresh and exciting.

I hope you find your place to get away, whether it is out on the ocean, a celebration, or a bubble bath…time for YOU is what is important.


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Jan Ely said...

I love that you wrote "Why I love being me!"--something we should all being saying more often by doing the kinds of things that make us happy! Thanks for sharing!