Saturday, March 6, 2010

Everything is Coming Up Roses!!!

We all love roses, and if you are like me, we LOVE beautiful artwork.  Well guess what, my friends??!!!  Christie Repasy (sigh!) has started a new blog called “Chateau de Fleurs”!  I, for one, can’t wait to visit her daily to see what is new and inspiring in her world.  Please click on the picture below (from her blog!) and say hello…welcome her to our world…and enjoy her beautiful work and life. 


I’ve come to know her work from many different place over the years.  She has been published in many magazines and we all see her artwork (yardlongs!) in the shops we visit.  Welcome to the world of blogging Christie!

After your visit to Christie,  stop by the Country Roads blog for a visit.  Pure eye candy at every turn, and the first place I stop when I’m in Orange (SoCa!).  Thanks to Sue, the owner, for posting about Christie on her blog  ‘My Country Roads’

Please stop by both blogs to say hello!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I love her paintings too! Your picture in today's post is just lovely!

clustres said...

Beautiful roses! Hey, thanks for the heads up on Chrisie Repasy.